Jaimyn Jupiter is a multidimensional Hip Hop artist, an aspiring musician and Frontman of his Atlanta based original live Hip Hop band “Jaimyn Jupiter and The Space Age Rat Pak.“ He has also recently joined Atlanta based Hip Hop cover band “The Wax Throwbacks” an awesome Arsenal between the two.

Jaimyn is also a fitness professional as well as inventor and mastermind of an apparel line that vibes well with his celestial musical brand, Jupiter Rubyz Apparel. His musical abilities mirror his athletic intensity, prowess, presence, passion, creativity, and energy…

He also grew up skateboarding a sport he says attributes to his dexterous mind and ability to create extemporaneously. Jaimyn has a motley list of musical influences from Rakim to Metallica, Tupac, Wu-Tang, System of a Down, Notorious Big, Classic Rhythm and Blues, Michael Jackson, and Prince are some of his favorite inspirations.